KRFM97.3 offers business targeted Marketing and Sales opportunities through programme sponsorship and advertising.

We customise the business campaigns to suit our sponsor’s requirements in order to achieve full utilisation of the sponsorship and/or advertising through local Radio.

We specifically target the Panjabi speaking population across the city of Leicester, that includes all Asians who speak and understand the Panjabi language, irrespective of their ethnic background.

Our programming caters for all age groups through out the day. Our listeners include grandparents, parents, children, youth and individuals of all ages, gender and professions.

We offer family style programming, ie something for everyone. Our programming is specifically tailored for unique cultural, religious, social entertainment and information needs of the wide range of Asian communities which speak and understand the Panjabi language. KRFM97.3 has a number of Advertising packages that can be tailored to individual needs.

Our Sales department takes each and every advertisement on a personal basis and work in conjunction with the production department to provide a package that is best suited to the business requirements of our clients in order to effectively promote their business. The commercials can be produced professionally on site by our own teams.

Our sales staff can offer attractive packages based on client requirements and will be pleased to offer a quotation.

Please contact our sales team for advertisement on Kohinoor FM Radio

Shingara Singh: 0773 842 4496
or call us at reception: 0116 273 4949

For more information on radio advertising and how it works, please visit the Radio Advertising Bureau at