Jazz Sahota

  • Briefly, what is your show on KRFM about?

    • My show is generally based on engaging as much of the youth culture as possible. One of my aims alongside many others is to make our listeners realise that the youth are still aware of our virsa and culture.

      I, alongside many youths have been bought up by a traditional Sikh family and have been blessed to learn such high levels about my religion and culture.

      Apart from playing the latest tracks from the Bhangra and Punjabi music genre, I also set topics where the listeners can get involved and become more connected with their local community radio.

  • How long have you been broadcasting and how did you get into it?

    • In the past, I took part in a multicultural workshop which was organised by KRFM. This was a dance related workshop, directed by Chandigarh’s director- Narinder Nindi. I started off co-presenting alongside Charny Singh Heer (DV- Entertaintments), then was given the opportunity to present my own show.

      Previously, I’ve made a return to KRFM and now present my own show every Tuesday, 3-5

  • What is your most memorable moment in broadcasting?

    • The most memorable moment I’ve had whilst broadcasting was when I was presenting alongside Charny and we interviewed music producer, Tru Skool. That was definitely an experience!

  • Who would you most like to meet?

    • Kuldip Manak

  • Where would you most like to go on holiday?

  • Outside of radio, what other interests do you have?

    • Singing, Dancing, Socialising and my profession of Beauty Therapy.

  • What are your favourite…

  • Singers/artists?

    • The legendary Narinder Kaur Biba, Ranjit Kaur, Kuldip Manak and alot more.

  • TV/Films?

    • Britasia TV

  • Foods?

    • Anything to do with paneer is my kind of thing!


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