Binder Bhogpuri

  • Briefly, what is your show on KRFM about?

    • Discussion and Shayeri

  • How long have you been broadcasting and how did you get into it?

    • Since 2007

  • What is your most memorable moment in broadcasting?

    • When I meet Punjabi writer Mr Surjit Patter and meet with Sardool ji and Noori ji

  • Who would you most like to meet?

    • Myself

  • Where would you most like to go on holiday?

    • Holland and my home

  • Outside of radio, what other interests do you have?

    • Shayeri Karni, helping poor people.

  • What are your favourite…

  • Singers/artists?

    • Nusrat Sahib, Sudesh Kumari and Surinder Kaur ji

  • TV/Films?

    • Discovery Channel and Romantic Movies

  • Foods?

    • Veg and Non Veg


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